Yasmin Pastore Abdalla, Director Sales and Marketing MGM Latin America, told us her favourite places in the city:

“Only in São Paulo you get a “sunny-rainy-cold-hot” day; the weather is unpredictable. Security is a big issue for the city. São Paulo is a remarkably cosmopolitan center for those searching gastronomic pleasure and nightlife endeavour. Anything you can imagine, you’ll probably find in São Paulo. Disco, Mokaii, Pink Elephant are my favorites for clubs. I recommend Skye Lunge/Bar, Baretto, Esch Cafe, Dry and Bardot Boteco for bars. For a nice weekend trip I´d go to Campos do Jordão, Tabatinga, Maresias or Brotas, or I´d get a plane and in 40 minutes arrive in Florianópolis, an amazing place for beaches”.

by Bahar Puraligil (Work Cities Guide, April 2010)

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