Coworking with children has so far proven to be a huge success or equally large failure for the spaces that have tried it.

Here ten tips for coworking with children:

Research, research, research

Plan for a long set-up phase. Getting support will take a while. But taking time to develop a good business plan and marketing strategy will also help find the right coworkers later.

Find a model that suits your needs

There are various possible forms of coworking with children. The separated model (separate room where kids can play) seems to be the most succesful so far.

Insurance and legalities laws

Once parents have handed over the duty of supervision to professional service providers, additional legal and insurance requirements come into play. They vary from country to country, and sometimes even within municipalities. Read up about it early on.

Safety is the highest concern

Any coworking space swings from calm to hectic situations. No matter what is going on, the safety of children is always the highest priority.

Parents are coworkers

With the confidence that their children are safe, parents can be relaxed and productive. As in any coworking spaces, constant dialogue with members is essential.

And what about the kids?

It’s important to maintain some routines despite the flexible work-lifestyle. Fixed meal times and regularly scheduled games and educational activities, for instance.

Selects employees who support your vision

It takes a lot of time to select employees and put them through training. But it’s worth investing the time to find reliable, highly-skilled caregivers.

Flexible terms for flexible working

An important factor is setting the right price system. Member who use the coworking and childcare facilities should get reduced rates.

Mompreneurs: careers with children

There, “mompreneurs” are an important part of the business community. Coworking spaces should familiarize themselves with this group, as they are the most important target market for a combination of workspace and childcare facilities.

Beware of imbalance

Quite often coworking childcare projects fail because one side of the business overtakes the other. Active exchange between both sides can be encouraged by regular children’s events in which the parents participate.

The kinds of people who might be drawn to a childcare-friendly coworking space are likely to be highly entrepreneurial, and this might result in an even more cooperative, interactive and creative workspace.





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