Encouraging creativity is good for attracting and retaining quality employees, always an issue even in this bad economy.

  • Tell people you want their ideas then give them some amount of time and space to think creatively
  • Instead of fearing that you’re losing an employee’s clocked-in time to creative thinking, look at it from another angle–you are gaining much wider access to a person’s creative energies by encouraging them to explore ideas whenever the inspiration strikes, which is often outside of prescribed work hours.
  • Offering up as little as thirty minutes of work time a week for exploratory thought could send the message that creativity is valued, no matter when, where, or how ideas are conceived.
  • Ask “what if” questions and encourage speculative thinking.
  • Accept risk and a certain amount of failure. Edison said “to have one good idea, have a lot of them.”
  • Provide a forum for idea sharing and give feedback.

Encouraging your employees to think creatively also helps to ensure that ideas stay under your roof, instead of having them take their ideas somewhere else or start a competing business.




By Amy Fries


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