Create a culture of innovation
Do not underestimate the innovative power of every individual within your company, the next big idea can come from anyone, not just those who play creative roles. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate a positive environment, but structured to allow all these ideas to “bloom and blossom”. Hold regular meetings where employees are encouraged to share their ideas for business development: this can often get good tips. It ‘s also important to diversify the style of meetings to enable innovative ideas to create and develop in different ways, perhaps with a business lunch or informal exchanges between the teams ideas with external consultants, companies or departments away. The investment to create this culture would result in a greater commitment of employees to innovate.

Reward staff for ideas
Great ideas have value, but often employees that are suggested them are not rewarded for it.
you should therefore take rewards into account when innovation can save or earn your business. But this is not just about money or prize money, you also need to motivate staff communicating to employees when their ideas turn into successful innovations, this to demonstrateĀ  consideration towards them and their teams, and not least to encourage employees to have more and better ideas in the future.

Collaborate and communicate constantly
There is nothing better than face to face communications, but there are valuable tools that small and medium sized companies can use to collaborate and innovate.
The instant messaging service like Skype are good examples. It ‘s simple, secure, and is perfect for opening and speed up communication within companies. You’ll find out that employees become more productive with the opportunity to connect with experts and find answers faster. Moreover, these systems are helpful to the morale of the company, allowing employees to discover shared interests.



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