Genghis Khan workplace manual dominates oddest book title shortlist. Khan mastered ‘successful people management’, says author.

A inspirational guide to Managing a Dental Practice: The Genghis Khan Way is emerging as the early favourite to win this year’s Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year, whose shortlist has been announced by the Bookseller magazine. As voting began this weekend, Michael R Young’s manual on the sharp-toothed challenges of modern dentistry seemed appropriately to be slaying the competition, securing 70% of votes cast.

The author points out that, while “some in the west see him in negative terms, the Mongol leader created one of the world’s greatest empires” and is thus a model for the modern dentist. As well as massacring millions in his bid to gain a foothold in the far east, Khan set a number of precedents in “intelligence gathering, understanding his rivals’ motivations, being quick to learn and adopt new technologies and ideas, and successful people management”.

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