Women have tougher battles when navigating the tricky waters of office politics but what happens when the politicking involves salary and promotion inequities with male workers?

Allison Schieffelin was a convertible-bond sales representative at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Company. After more than a decade of employment, she shocked everyone when she filed a sex discrimination suit against the brokerage house, on behalf of herself and 100 other women employees. In a statement to the press, Schieffelin chronicled her version of events:

“I was so loyal to the firm that I bled Morgan Stanley blue… I had the respect of my peers and remained intensely dedicated to my clients… But in too many instances, women who were better educated, had better performance… more dedicated to their work… lost out in pay and promotion to their male counterparts… From the time I filed my charge with the EEOC, senior managers at the firm sought to denigrate my work, ostraciseand humiliate me… They fired me without warning… after almost 15 years of service. Morgan Stanley destroyed my career and the retaliation that I endured has had the effect… of sending a loud message to women that if they complained, they too would be diminished from a somebody to a nobody…”

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