Chrysa Ntantou, travel agency owner, told us the reasons why people should visit this city:

“Thessaloniki is a European city with a vibrant and lingering history and a lively present! Visitors of Thessaloniki have the chance to visit the numerous Byzantine and Post Byzantine monuments (Thessaloniki is an UNESCO World heritage site) and more than 30 interesting museums! Also Thessaloniki is a perfect choice for travelers who seek to intense nightlife, with great bars and restaurants, numerous coffee places and good food! Cuisine in Thessaloniki is very interesting as it combines elements from different areas and cultures as Thessaloniki has always been a multicultural city and a major trade hub. Thessaloniki is a city were East meets with West and offers a great combination… a modern city with friendly atmosphere, a unique history and with interesting nightlife and culture! A great city to visit!”

by Giulia De Florio (Work Cities Guide, September 2011)

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