Alex Agbator, electrical technician, gave us his description of the city:

“Lagos has a GNP triple that of any other West African country and has greatly benefited from Nigeria’s natural resources in oil, natural gas, coal, fuel wood and water. Despite the region’s endowment of water, the city suffers from an acute and worsening water supply shortage. Traffic congestion is a daily problem: it takes an average of two to three hours to travel 10-20 kilometers. A high-speed, elevated metro-liner is in its planning stages. Though the new Governor Batunde Raji Fashola came up with renewal plans which are more concentrated on upgrading the environment of slum communities by building roads and drainage channels and providing water supply, electricity, schools and health clinics. Security and some other road networks have greatly improved”.

by Giulia De Florio (Work Cities Guide, September 2011)

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