Moderator: Rosario Imperiali

Date: April 12th, from 4 to 6 pm

Location: Open Care
Illustrators: Karen Sason and Gokce Turkel
Storyteller: Thrasy Petropoulos
Photographer: Roberto Benzi
Filmmaker: Esam El Dabagh

Open Care, Via Piranesi 10, Milan

“Identity of the person and identity of work. Participants indicated how fundamental is in their worries to cross the statute of “number” and start being considered, within a company, as an “individual”. Skepticism is high. The committment requested to companies to “turn on a dime” to the role of identification of people that work is strong. Perspected identity is told in a clear way by participants that have a wish for the future, to work in companies that have a higher consideration of them, also as individuals other than employees”.
Rosario Imperiali


Talk: “The individual/person is the core concept of the dialectic between brand identity and personal identity”

There were different chiars and poufs, but less than the number of participants: this approach had the purpose to incite people to stand up, to interact one another, and to avoid them to sit down in a passive way.

Tables were used as marginal supports, preventing them to became the central objects associated with the talk.

Through this organization, Rosario wanted to stimulate individuality and the personality of people involved, thus stimulating their originality and spontaneous participation to the discussion.

The empty space associated with this location favoured this “minimal” approach of interaction, thus provoking participants to speak about their individual identity.

An important role to this talk was given by IT supports and by the way of interaction between men and computers.

Here you can find all the KeyWords that were used in the discussion, that were selected by the moderator Rosario Imperiali.
The KW selection process has been made by the interaction with people involved with this blog and other social networks.

KW for Identity