Moderator: Sandra Sassaroli

Date: April 13th, from 4 to 6 pm

Location: Herman Miller Showroom
Illustrator: Eelco Van Den Berg
Storyteller: Filippo De Bortoli
Photographer: Boukje Kleinhout
Filmmaker: Simona Tortolano

Herman Miller Showroom, Corso Garibaldi 70, Milan


“Emotions should be constantly recognized. The participants point at anger (specially for women) and control (for men) as the most important emotions at work: perfectionism and necessity to avoid mistakes are the fundamental emotional priorities. During the talk “a real emotional and creative approach took place, which allowed the participants to work together and share their opinions.”

Sandra Sassaroli

Talk: “Inner and collective emotions”

Sandra considered this talk as a sort of brainstorming session and wanted to highlight the evocative potential of keywords, through “the game of the opposites” (happiness/sadness).

The introduction of topics and the discussion was done also by showing people some peculiar scenes or sketches (from TV shows such as “Camera Cafè”), just to provoke reactions and quarrels among participants.

Sandra intended to put keywords on an imaginary chessboard, thus allowing participants to search for individual and personal balance, that was then going to be shared with other people and discussed during the talk.

For this purpose, Sandra tried to call up and suggest case histories, that were used for discussion about relationships between personal identity and other people/the world.


Here you can find all the KeyWords that were used in the discussion, they were selected by the moderator Sandra Sassaroli.
The KW selection process has been made by the interaction with people involved by this blog and other social networks.

KW for Emotions