Moderator: Cino Zucchi

Date: April 14th, from 4 to 6 pm

Location: Studio CZA
Illustrator: Senem Oezdogan
Storyteller: Fabian Uzaraga
Photographer: Paolo Mazzo
Filmmaker: Fabrizio Fuochi

CZA Studio, Via Revere 8, Milan


The issues were the relationship between individual space and public workplace and the various dimensions of architecture: from metropolis to city and eventually the space of the office. A question was brought about at the beginning of the discussion: “how personal everyday values are related and intermingled with productivity and workplace?”. The balance is hard to maintain and should be constantly redefined by the actors – be they professionists, customers and those who interface with these two worlds.

Cino Zucchi

Talk: “Volumes, spatial interactions, ways of interaction and places”

This section was set up in an “unstructured” way: objects, reference points and natural coreographies in the room were used to stimulate the discussion, and participants were able to enhance the talk with personal input and case histories.

In this context, some images were shown on monitors to support conversations and there some of Cino’s work was shown as inspirational material useful for talks about architecture, spaces, volumes, fluidity, interaction between technology and man.

Here you can find all the KeyWords that were used in the discussion, and selected by the moderator Cino Zucchi.
The KW selection process has been made by the interaction with people involved by this blog and other social networks.

KW for Architecture