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5 themes to envision the future,

5 keys to open the doors of our future workplaces and

5 ways to rethink our productivity


The Work Style Magazine has explored the workplace through the lens of these 5 themes. A journey and a challenge for the imagination and for the concept of space in which we are called to operate: from hand-crafting labs to consulting agencies, from factories to the advanced service industry, from heavy industry to the immateriality of the web and the digitalization of working processes changes, transforming our places, folding them and subjugating them to the dynamics of the change of people and social relations.

How will this process evolve? How will the space transform so to accommodate at best the time we dedicate to creativity and to our career’s development?

Work Style has invited some of the main players of the business world to answer these questions. They were invited to a new type of “workshop”, that the we call “Talk”, so to highlight the value of each participant engaged in the conversation, regardless of their role and status at work.

During these “Talks” everyone learnt, taught and contributed to building an idea that is accessible to those who want to face the topic called “future”, and in particular, the future of the workplace.

The “Talks” lasted 2 hours each and were scheduled from the 12th to the 16th of April 2011. In order to support participants, we have chosen 5 facilitators that helped to keep the conversation going, and encouraged ideas elaboration and sharing.

With this same spirit, in order to help the visual representation of the participants ideas, Work Style has invited 5 of its illustrators, already renown among the magazine readers because of their regular contributions.

The Talks led us to some results. We are creating a book and the DVD so to make them available to our readers.

We had the opportunity to reconsider our jobs from a different and original point of view, and we were inspired to imagine and build our future on a broader, stronger and more colourful basis.

We hope you enjoyed our Talks!

The WorkStyle Magazine Editorial Office