The event aimed to discover what the Workplace of the Future will be. The event was divided in 5 talks, that lasted 2 hours each.

The staff of people involved in each talk was made up of: a moderator, an illustrator, a photographer, a filmmaker and a storyteller. In these pages you can find their profiles.

Each talk was held in a particular and suggestive location, so to stimulate and provoke each person in the discussion. The locations were selected by the moderator, who led the discussion, as a sort of round table, during which everyone is invited to take part and give his/her personal contribute/idea.

The inner, emotional and artistic side of the talk was enhanced by the presence of 4 groups of artists: illustrators, photographers, storytellers and filmmakers, who told the story of each talk by illustrating the main concepts discussed; by taking photos of peculiar moments during the talk; by telling a story with personal texts; by recording videos of impressing scenes during the discussion.