A company with tradition that has set new standards again and again during a history that goes back 140 years. In ergonomics, manufacturing processes and ecology.

A brand which moves people – and a brand for people who get things moving.

Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment.

From the reception area to individual, combi, open-plan and directors’ offices, Sedus offers furniture solutions

for the entire organisation.

Guided by the rules of modern workstation design and tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Countercyclical investments, consistent expansion of our product portfolio and sales expertise are the strategic

building blocks that successfully differentiate Sedus from competitors and give a strong brand positioning.

“Sedus is committed to making all office work a profitable experience at all times.

For the good of the business and the employees.”

Sociologist Ray Oldenburg says that we spend our lives in three places. The “first place” is the home.

The “second place” is our work. And “third places” are where we go for leisure.

Although structurally unchanged, the significance of these three places has undergone a major transition.

The status of the home is changing because of the demand for mobility and flexibility.

The second place – the office – should, ideally, be planned and implemented to ensure optimal ergonomics

and functionality.

Yet in reality it is often an impersonal and emotionless environment.

Third places are a source of stimulation and personal development. They are where we go to forget about the

stresses of the home and work.

The aim is therefore to capture the stimulation of the

senses which people find in “third places” and to recreate this in the office.

The office should become a perfect second place which feels just like a third place. We call this holistic design concept “Place 2.5 – the new emotional office culture”.

For over fifty years, Sedus has been helping to protect the environment by pursuing a policy of responsible use of resources,

reliance on environmentally friendly materials and a holistic approach to development, production, packaging and logistics.

Back in November 1995, Sedus became the first furniture manufacturer in

Germany to introduce a validated environmental management system and

has thus assumed a pioneering role in the European furniture industry.

The actions are guided by the corporate philosophy: “Ecology and economy are not contradictory, but essential parts of the whole”.

The EMAS Regulation stipulates, amongst other things, that details of environmental protection measures must be made

available to the public.
Since 1998 Sedus published its environmental statement exclusively on the website.

With its facilities in Southern Germany on the Upper Rhine and in North Rhine-Westphalia, Sedus has two production plants, eight sales companies in Europe and additional sales companies around the globe.

Its eight subsidiaries are located in France, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.

Sedus has a long tradition in Italy since 1970 with the headquarter Lurate and is now going to move to Cadorago (Co).

The Sedus showroom in Milan is at Piazza Castello near the Sforzesco Castle but there is a distribution network all over Italy
Internet: www.sedus.com