With extremely high stretchability, FibreForm offers totally new opportunities for developing ideas and designing packaging solutions where previously traditional papers have had their limitations.

FibreForm’s unique properties make it possible to design creative, striking and personal packaging solutions in exciting shapes. It is also possible to create very deep embossings that reinforce the brand. An anonymous product can be given a fresh breath of life and thus stand out from the crowd.

Think outside the box

There is no law of nature that says that a mobile phone must be packed in a square box. Why not use FibreForm and give it the shape of a speech balloon?
A perfume can attract a lot of attention if the packaging follows the soft contours of the bottle.



FibreForm is the tactile packaging paper. With its smooth and natural feel, a FibreForm packaging communicates distinctive character, environmental friendliness and quality. FibreForm is nature in a package.

FibreForm certified in accordance with FSC

FibreForm is the sustainable alternative. The raw material is renewable and comes from well-managed forests. More over, the production of paper takes place with the lowest possible impact on the climate. FibreForm is biodegradable and recyclable. FibreForm is also offered certified in accordance with FSC. Of course, FibreForm is approved for contact with food. With FibreForm on the market, there is no reason not to choose paper.

Green communication

A packaging’s appearance and material say different things about the product it houses. FibreForm’s soft and natural shapes give the product and its packaging a real touch of environmental friendliness and ecological responsibility. The environmental appeal of the paper is unique.



For some products, a paper packaging has never been an alternative. Until now.

FibreForm is the paper that can replace plastic in a variety of packaging solutions that require formability and purity, for example, trays and blister packs for food, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

Pure Packaging

Most of the food we buy is packed in order to preserve its nutritional value, taste and aroma. The packaging must also protect against light, moisture, bacteria and impurities. FibreForm satisfies all these requirements since it can be barrier coated with a wide range of films.

Easily formed at a low cost

Replacing a packaging material with FibreForm is not a difficult or expensive process. Thanks to FibreForm’s stretchability, the packaging producer can form the paper in his existing equipment. In thermoforming lines, FibreForm offers excellent runability and trays can be formed, filled and sealed in the same process. The packaging can contain everything from sliced ham to pills or sweets.

Certified for food contact

With a raw material consisting of 100 per cent primary fibre, our customers are guaranteed a pure and strong paper. Of course, FibreForm is approved for contact with food.


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