We would like to thank our partners, who are supporting the Work Style Talking:


Matasci Vini, Via Verbano 6, Casella postale 399, 6598 Tenero, Switzerland

Herman Miller Showroom, corso Garibaldi 70, Milan, Italy
“Design and build a better world”


Poltrona Frau, via L. Busnelli 1, Meda (Mi), Italy
“The timeless elegance”


Wilkhahn, Fritz-Hahne-Straße 8, Bad Münder, Germany
“Success through design”


Vasa Vasa Gelateria Siciliana, via Spartaco 38, Milan, Italy
“A unique ice cream”; this special product is the result of the combination of genuine ingredients processed by the old culinary art of Sicilian ice-cream makers.


Guido Gobino, via Cagliari 15/b, Turin, Italy
“Tradition, research, innovation, form and content. Essences, perfumes, crus, spices, elixirs. A journey through artisanship, research and creativity which transforms each of my chocholates in a different and unexpected experience”.


Yek S.A. Technologies, via Campagna 6512, Giubiasco, Switzerland
“Software, web and mobile solutions”;
YEK works and moves towards meeting the client needs, providing innovatives app oriented to BTB and BTC.


CiCrespi, via Trieste 11, Liscate, Milan, Italy
“We shape the future”; Since 1910, Cicrespi has been planning, manufacturing, integrating and providing technical assistance for the identification, traceability and security systems on products, processes and paths.

FIDA, Via Sarasino, 38/40, Castagnole Lanze (AT), Italy
“The company that makes excellent Italian candies”; Fida combines a meticulous selection of ingredients and advanced production technology applied to artisan processing methods.


Alpiq InTec, Via Cantonale 20, Savos, Switzerland
“Individual solutions tailored to your business vision”; the Alpiq InTec Group offers building services and transport technology, energy supply management and all related services.


AMSA, via Olgettina, 25/35, Milan, Italy




Altamarea Film, via Cesare da Sesto 15, Milan, Italy



M-Cube, via Aleardo Aleardi 14, Milan – Italy




Cino Zucchi Architetti, via Revere 8, Milan, Italy



Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, Via Ripamonti, 435 Milan, Italy


High-Tech, piazza 25 aprile, Milan, Italy

Open Care, via Piranesi 10, Milan, Italy


ExecutiveSurf, 86 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom



Agenzia di Architettura alfonso femia gianluca peluffo, via Cadolini 32/38 20137 Milan, Italy



Ivan Imperiali, a musician supporting the talk Identity





Cantine Volpi, strada statale 10 n. 72, Tortona (Al), Italy



Italgrafica, via Verbano 146, Novara, Italy

Sedus Stoll AG – Brueckenstrasse 15 – 79761 Waldshut – Germany