Talking“: a book (with a DVD attached) that tells how the business world develops, featuring several texts, 130 photographs, 60 drafts and a DVD with 5 videos.

It is the outcome of 5 workshops that took place in Milan at the beginning of April 2011 with the participation of 135 professionals coming from all over the world on the following topics: identity, emotions, architecture, environment and organization.

  • Title: Talking
  • Series: out of series
  • Publication date: May 2011
  • Pages: 324
  • Format: 21 x 24,5
  • ISBN: 978-88-906114-0-7
  • Price: € 24
  • Authors: various
  • Editor: The Work Style company

Description: The main topic of the book is a glance to the identity of the work of the future. The theme has been developed by 135 professionals of different sectors – psychology, architecture, identity (and privacy), organization and environment care – who actively contributed to it.

The result has been organized in 4 sections: photography (5 photographers interpretation), drafts (of the participants and of the 5 illustrators), texts, (of the 5 storytellers and of the Talk moderators) and 5 original videos (5 filmmakers interpretation).

The collaborators and the people who took part in the event come from 23 countries in USA, Europe and Asia. Attached to the book there is a DVD with the backstages of the workshops, 5 videos of the filmmakers and 5 original soundtracks.

Strong Points: Staff made of the best international professionals, journalistic style easy and pleasant to read, clear and straightforward topics. It is a very good way to get some clues on how the business world is going to change.

Market: All the people that work in a company, CEOs, Ads and consultants.

Authors: (Texts) Luca Brunoni, Filippo De Bortoli, Angela Boskovitch, Alex Di Martino, Giulia De Florio, Paolo Galuzzi, Rosario Imperiali, Leonardo la Pietra, Fabrice Leclerc, Mirko Nesurini, Thrasy Petropoulos, Sandra Sassaroli, Fabian Uzaraga, Cino Zucchi.

Photographs: Roberto Benzi, Paolo Bassasini, Boukje Kleinhout, Paolo Mazzo, Yalcin Sertkaya.

Illustrations: Hanna Melin, Senem Oezdogan, Eelco Van Den Berg, Goni Montes, Karen Sason and Gokce Turkel.

DVD: Trailer by Marco Della Fonte, Videos by Ana Paula Avetti, Simona Tortolano, Fabrizio Fuochi, Daniel Grigore-Simion, Esam Al-Dabagh.