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The 5 Talks were held in Milan from 12th to 16th of April 2011, during Salone del Mobile 2011 week. It was an opportunity for comparison with the participation of engineers, HR managers and journalists at an international level. The aim was to investigate issues related to the workplace of the future based on five dimensions: identity, emotions, architecture, environment and organization.
Moderators are experts on the matter treated, some of the best illustratore worked with them, photographers and filmmakers worldwide. Guests helped develop the theme dialoguing between them.


- A film and a book distributed in Europe and USA.

- The 5 Talks results were presented for in Paris on 26th and 27th of May, at the award ceremony for the 100 best companies in Europe.

How worked the event
About twenty people, invited and selected talked on “Workplace of the Future” on the basis of the following dimensions:

Identity: date: April 12 – moderator: Rosario Imperiali – brief description: one of the most experienced European Data Protection and Privacy – where: Open Care in Via Piranesi 10

Emotions: date April 13 – moderator: Sandra Sassaroli - brief description: founder of Cognitive Studies School - where: Herman Miller in Corso Garibaldi 70

Architecture: date April 14 – moderator: Cino Zucchi - brief description: architect and teacher at Politecnico di Milano - where: architetti CZA in Via Revere 8

Environment: date April 15 -moderator: Fabrice Leclerc - brief description: Green Business and Corporate social responsibility teacher - where: Cargo High Tech in Piazza XXV aprile

Organization: April 16 – moderator: Leonardo La Pietra - brief description: medical director of the European Institute of Oncology - where: Operating theatre in the European Institute of Oncology

It has been a good opportunity to:

  • create a qualified networking in the fields of office furniture and HR
  • create a qualified networking in the fields of office furniture and HR
  • Interact with a qualified international network of excellent companies
  • participate in innovative and high information post-event document contents

The work paths
During the TALK, we collected work paths of people who live daily the city, or who are in Milan for the Salone del Mobile. People occasionally encountered in the paths of the show, speak about their work paths and their paths to explore the city of Milan. curated by Giulia De Florio.

“Talks” have been told in real time on the blog thanks to the work of a team of illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers from around the world ( The streaming talks were made available in real time through online TV

Thanks to sponsors
Alpiq InTec Energy efficiency, Altamarea Film Commercial and film production, Amsa Ecological services, Cargo&HighTech Furniture, CiCrespi Wayfinding systems, Cormano Wines, Web Executive Search Firm, ® (by Billerud) Innovative paper solutions, Fida Candies, Guido Gobino Italian fine chocolate, Herman Miller Furniture, Yek Technologies, Cube Technologies, Matasci Wines, Frau Furniture, Verde Green productions, Vasa Sicilian ice cream, Volpi Wines, Wilkhanh Furniture, 5+1 Architetti associati.

Talk 1
“The identity of the person and the identity of the work. Participants indicated how central to their concerns is to go over the status of “number” within the company to be considered a “person”. Lot of skepticism. Strong commitment required to companies to “make the difference” about the role of identification of working people. The identity proposed is told in a clear way by participants who wish to work in companies which consider them from the personal profile as well as role-playing. ”

  • Moderator: Rosario Imperiali
  • Date: April 12th, from 4 to 6 pm
  • Location: Open Care
  • Illustrator: Karen Sason and Gokce Turkel
  • Storyteller: Thrasy Petropoulos
  • Photographer: Roberto Benzi
  • Filmmaker: Esam El Dabagh

Talk 2

“Emotions have to be constantly recognized.” The female participants indicated anger as a central emotion, men the need to control the workplace: perfectionism and the need to avoid making mistakes as an emotional priority. During the talk a “truly emotional and creative approach” has developed which allowed participants to work together and share their opinions.

  • Moderator: Sandra Sassaroli
  • Date: April 13th, from 4 to 6 pm
  • Location: Herman Miller Show Room
  • Illustrator: Eelco Van Den Berg
  • Storyteller: Filippo De Bortoli
  • Photographer: Boukje Kleinhout
  • Filmmaker: Simone Tortolano

Talk 3

The themes were the relationship between individual space and public space of work and the different dimensions of architecture: from the metropolis, to the city, to the office. A question gave rise to the debate: “how every day personal values relate and interwaive with productivity and work space?”. The balance is precarious and must be reinterpreted each day by players in the game – professionals, architecture purchaser and all those who interact with these two spheres.

  • Moderator: Cino Zucchi
  • Date: April 14th, from 4 to 6 pm
  • Location: CZA Studio
  • Illustrator: Senem Oezdogan
  • Storyteller: Fabian Uzaraga
  • Photographer: Paolo Mazzo
  • Filmmaker: Fabrizio Fuochi

Talk 4

“Power is in our hands” We must apply ourselves to create a balanced environment and build an eco-friendly economic system. However, there is optimism and desire to overcome the idea of “sustainability”, a “false notion” that must give way to action: “we did wrong and must correct ourselves to do much more.”

  • Moderator: Fabrice Leclerc
  • Date: April 15th, from 4 to 6 pm
  • Location: Cargo Hi-Tech
  • Illustrator: Hanna Melin
  • Storyteller: Angela Boskovitch
  • Photographer: Paolo Bassanini
  • Filmmaker: Ana Paula Avetti

Talk 5

“The explosive crisis we are experiencing in recent years is an opportunity
to make companies and our values evolve. The balance is changing. For good
and evil. The great enemy of this phase is fear. We must strive to think and
act confidently. The centrality of man is a tendency that characterizes the
world of work in the future.

  • Moderator: Leonardo La Pietra
  • Date: April 16th, from 11 am to 13 pm
  • Location: Operating Room at IEO
  • Illustrator: Goni Montes
  • Storyteller: Luca Brunoni
  • Photographer: Yalcin Sertkaya
  • Filmmaker: Daniel Grigore-Simion